Risk for HIV and hepatitis C outbreaks in drug users concentrated in Appalachia, CDC says

Health The risk of HIV and hepatitis C outbreaks among drug users burst into the national spotlight last year after an HIV outbreak in a small Indiana town. Over the course of a year, 30 HIV cases ballooned to more than 190 infections attributed to intravenous drug use.

A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention preliminary report has determined that 220 counties in the United States are at risk for similar outbreaks.

If there’s one benefit from the opioid crisis, it’s this

One out of every 11 organ donors is a person who has died from a drug overdose.

This statistic is according to new government data reported by The Washington Post.

The trend is a combination of rising drug-related deaths and efforts by advocates to spread the message of organ donation to more communities, even marginalized ones, according to the article.