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How to get help during the coronavirus pandemic in Pittsburgh

It’s hard to overstate the impacts of the novel coronavirus on American life. Lots of people are hurting. Lots of people need help. But it’s often hard to know just where to find that help — or even what’s available.

So, after listing ways you can help others during the pandemic, we decided to compile this guide to finding help for yourself. 

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority's water treatment plant in Lincoln–Lemington–Belmar. (Photo by Ryan Loew/PublicSource)

PWSA is looking into options to address customers’ fears over upcoming rate increase

Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Erika Strassburger pointed out at the end of the Friday board meeting, which took place on a conference call because of the coronavirus, that notices about a future rate increase were being sent to customer homes with their upcoming monthly water bill. Strassburger asked if there was a way to reassure people or pull back on the communications about the rate increase, “with record numbers of people out of work.”

woman distributing food

Allegheny County exploring range of quarantine options for people who can’t just stay home

Allegheny County is hunting for a location to house homeless and displaced people who contract the new coronavirus but don’t warrant hospitalization, officials confirmed today. Staff at shelters, meanwhile, have begun asking clients whether they are experiencing symptoms and, in some cases, taking temperatures — but don’t yet know what to do when they find a case.