Other media outlets are welcome to publish PublicSource stories under the following guidelines:

In print, the entirety of the story package may be republished with credit to PublicSource, the writers and photographers, and a link to the website, www.publicsource.org.

Online, we ask that you republish only the first three paragraphs with a link back to the specific story for users to finish reading on the PublicSource website. If you want to republish the story in full online, we would be open to discussing a fee for that right. Please contact Managing Editor Halle Stockton at halle@publicsource.org.

We ask that our logo provided below be used in both online and print versions; when online, please hyperlink the logo back to www.publicsource.org.

PublicSource does not allow reprints of our images free of charge beyond news outlets following the above republishing guidelines. To license a one-time reprint of an image, the rights of which belong to PublicSource, there is a charge of $200 per photo. Contact info@publicsource.org with questions and requests.

Thank you for supporting our work.