PublicSource is a nonprofit online journalism organization in Pittsburgh. We write stories with powerful narratives and characters to explain complex issues in the areas of public safety, education, health, the environment and money & politics.

We are currently hiring for the below internships.

PublicSource will pay each intern a $700 stipend for the semester. If you have a professor who will give you credit, we’re happy to fill out the forms. We would prefer an intern to join us for at least 15 hours a week for the entirety of the fall semester. Our offices are at 746 E. Warrington Ave. in the Allentown neighborhood, right on the bus line.

Please send a cover letter, resume and any appropriate work examples by or before April 25th to Halle Stockton at

Summer 2018 PublicSource editorial internship
  • We want someone who goes through life with an eye for untold stories and can figure out how to tell those stories through interviews and research as well as technically sound and compelling writing.
  • We expect interns to to pitch ideas for enterprise stories and communicate with editors about the progress and timeframe. Interns may also assist staff reporters on projects and contribute to our occasional series, #PublicStreetsPgh.
  • You should also be able to share your story on social media and have ideas for how all of our stories could get more exposure. (Note: We will check your social media accounts.)
  • And accuracy will be king to the right intern. You’ll do your own fact checks and help staffers.
Summer 2018 PublicSource fact-checking/research internship
  • A willingness to learn about what stories our writers are working on and the initiative to find and apply relevant and timely research to improve the stories.
  • A working knowledge of research techniques that can be employed at the library and online (i.e. Google Advanced Search, LexisNexis).
  • Enthusiasm about always getting it right. The intern would be responsible for taking on fact checks prepared by writers based off of their reporting and going through it with a fine-tooth comb. Some math chops would be helpful.
  • Someone who is constantly thinking how our fact-checking system could be made better and more bulletproof.
Summer 2018 PublicSource social media/marketing internship
  • Savvy social media skills: You’ve seen how news outlets are using Facebook,
    Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and have ideas on what works and what
  • Active participation in brainstorming on how to make our community events
    informative and engaging so that people would not want to miss them.
  • The ability to take those event ideas and make it a reality. Help us plan and
    promote these events. Time management is essential.
  • Audience development: Fresh ideas for promoting PublicSource. Tracking down
    people and organizations with an innate interest in our story topics.
  • Someone game to do market research. What do other groups similar to ours do
    to promote their work? What kind of events are they hosting? What businesses
    are sponsoring them?
  • A desire to identify what skills are unique to you and how to apply them to
    PublicSource’s mission.
Summer 2018 PublicSource visuals internship
  • Someone with an eye for composing great photos, from candids to portraits, that
    relay the essence of a person or a story.
  • An interest or experience in videography.
  • The ability to conceptualize how to capture the audience’s attention on social
    media with different ways to present the visuals, like Instagram stories or
    Facebook galleries.
  • Strong time management and scheduling skills. Not every assignment will be
    during normal hours, so we need someone who is responsible and flexible.