Blogger-in-residence fellowship

PublicSource is seeking a Pittsburgh-area blogger (current or aspiring) who would like to be mentored in journalistic skills of interviewing, storytelling, fact-checking, audience engagement and more.

PublicSource is a nonprofit online journalism organization in Pittsburgh, employing 10 staff members with diverse experiences and skill sets. We write stories with powerful narratives and characters to explain complex issues in the areas of public safety, education, health, the environment, local government and social justice. We also work with community storytellers to share their unfiltered, personal experiences in essays and through events.

Our hope with this fellowship is that the skills we can share would help you to take your blog’s content to the next level and serve your diverse audiences even better than you already are. We are looking for someone who is excited by that idea and willing to contribute ideas to PublicSource on how we can also better interact with and serve the Pittsburgh community. We would also love the fellow to help us continue building a network of sharing with the region’s bloggers and PublicSource. The overarching goal of this program is to contribute to building a rich media ecosystem in our region.

The fellowship would last 10 weeks — starting sometime the week of Oct. 15 and ending on or around Dec. 21 — during which we would ask for 5 hours a week of your time in the newsroom preferably. Some of that time would be spent in one-on-one instruction, some shadowing our journalists and engaging in discussion with our team and the rest working on the skills that you’re learning to apply to your blog (content development, networking, engagement, etc.).

We would pay a stipend of $1,000 for the fellowship; that equates to about $20/hr. We would pay half of the stipend halfway through the program and the rest at its end. In return, we will also ask the fellow to write a post about the experience with PublicSource and journalism that we could consider for co-publishing. 

The fellowship is open to people of all ages, and you do not need to be a student to qualify.

Our office is at 746 E. Warrington Ave. in the Allentown neighborhood. It is convenient to the bus line. If you are interested, please share a resume, cover letter and an example of your favorite blog posts by Oct. 5 with