PWSA crisis and turnaround

A crisis in Pittsburgh’s drinking water that had been brewing for decades erupted in 2016. While the crisis is over and fundamental change is underway, Pittsburgh’s water supply is still vulnerable — as much due to politics as old infrastructure.

Tenant Cities

More Pittsburgh households now rent than own their homes, and landlords control a growing share of the housing market countywide. PublicSource and WESA are exploring these changes.


Truancy cases continued for thousands of Allegheny County students and their families amid the pandemic.

What difference has a year made?

Calls for racial justice on campuses bring changes and challenges.

Allegheny County Jail

PublicSource is examining concerns raised about the treatment of incarcerated people with mental health issues and how chronic staffing shortages at Allegheny County Jail impact care.

Screen Test

After a year of COVID school, students and districts reckon with ongoing struggles and lessons learned — and reach for hope.

ADA at 30: Accessibility in Pittsburgh

For this anniversary project, we set out to learn: How has the ADA changed life for Pittsburghers with disabilities? And what progress still needs to be made 30 years later?

Board Explorer

Understanding Pittsburgh’s unelected power structure.

The True Cost of Court Debt

Stories about how court fines and fees deepen poverty and entangle people in the legal system.

Salaries data

Each year, PublicSource analyzes salaries of city, county and state employees because we think you have the right to know how your tax dollars are spent.

Power of Place

We looked at how Pittsburgh neighborhoods are shaping children and driving their life outcomes.

Covering Climate Now

Covering Climate Now is a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.

Low-Wage Living

We set out to hear the realities and perceptions of people working in low-wage industries in the Pittsburgh region. Here’s what we learned.

Good River: Stories of the Ohio

Good River is a series about the environment, economy and culture of the Ohio River watershed, produced by seven nonprofit newsrooms spanning five of the 15 watershed states.

Failing the Future

Is the way Pennsylvania funds public education the reason some students are left behind?

The Fix

A series focused on telling stories about the opioid epidemic in the Pittsburgh region.

B-Three Solutions

Is the way Pennsylvania funds public education the reason some students are left behind?

Let’s talk about RACE

The conversation Pittsburgh needs to have.

Teen Voices

We asked teenagers in the Pittsburgh region to tell us what matters to them.

Three Rivers Rising

This project explores how climate change is and will be changing Pittsburgh.


A PublicSource social media project bringing authentic voices from Pittsburgh’s streets to you.

I am a black girl and…

This is our region through the eyes of black girls.

Small Town, Pennsylvania

Examining the challenges and opportunities of living and working in the small towns of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Archived projects