How Pittsburgh-area colleges work to meet students’ mental health needs. We surveyed eight schools about the challenges.

On the campuses of eight Pittsburgh-area colleges and universities, it’s not unusual for students to wait this long, or even longer, for therapy — though some schools did report quicker scheduling. Policies regarding access and use of campus mental health services vary among the schools, affecting how students fare and if they ever use the services at all.

Barrett Elementary School principal Kevin Walsh talks with a student on Nov. 1, 2017. (Photo by Ryan Loew/PublicSource)

Segregation in Steel Valley: How these Pittsburgh-area elementary students are separated by race and academic performance

The Steel Valley School District operates two elementary schools in a shoulder of the Monongahela River. One school enrolls mostly black students. The other, 2 miles away, is majority white. When Terrance Frey learned that his son’s school, Barrett Elementary, is 78 percent black and Park Elementary is 84 percent white, he was shocked. “It was kind of insulting.