Failing the Future: PA’s secretary of education discusses school inequities and the court case aiming to diminish them

In July, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera sat down with PublicSource reporter Mary Niederberger for a wide-ranging interview on school funding issues, the current Commonwealth Court lawsuit that seeks a more equitable education funding formula and possible solutions to narrow disparities between districts across the state.

Mentoring Tahlia’s ambition: How mentors can turn despondence into purpose.

When Tahlia Smith entered high school in 2014, she was under the impression that high school was the place where teenagers learn how to become real adults. She was excited. She imagined she would learn how to develop a career and fill out her income taxes. Her teachers would be master thought facilitators. And she would undergo serious preparation for her future, both personal and professional.

College degree? Many Pittsburgh-area jobs in the next decade may not require one.

It’s increasingly possible to earn a living wage without attending college, but recent high school graduates often lack the skills to enter those occupations and the awareness that such career opportunities exist in the first place. Several for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the region have stepped in to address the various barriers to high school graduates gaining skilled employment, including lack of technical skills, career readiness or “soft skills,” and contemporary career awareness.