A passenger stands at a ConnectCard kiosk at Dormont Junction transit station.

How some Allegheny County municipalities are working to make transit-oriented development happen

When Seth Davis moved to Dormont in 2011, he was drawn by the affordability of the community and the accessibility of public transit. T stations in the South Hills suburb mean a short ride into Pittsburgh, and the community also has a walkable commercial strip with sidewalks on every street. In his view, a progressive development plan for the Dormont Junction T station could give the borough even more of what he already likes. What’s now a park-and-ride lot owned by the Port Authority of Allegheny County could be transformed into a mixed-use development with retail, office space and apartments spread across four buildings. The Port Authority hopes the project will boost ridership and increase revenue, all while adding $3.5 million in station improvements and developing one of the few remaining plots of open land in Dormont.