PublicSource intern testimonials

Christine Manganas

PublicSource intern, fall 2015

My internship at PublicSource was exactly what I expected-- an amazing experience in the world of investigative journalism. This job took me beyond writing 750-word, to-the-point news articles, but instead showed me how to take an issue and dig deeper. You aren't going to be working on 2-3 quick stories a week, but rather you will get the opportunity to learn the process of creating an in-depth, enterprise piece that will rock your portfolio. I can honestly say that the work I did at PublicSource got me to where I am now (my stories still stand at the top of my portfolio). Here I learned to research, report and write a story on issues that readers truly cared about.

Beyond the work, the staff is absolutely amazing. I am privileged to have worked in such a close-knit newsroom with such experienced reporters, and I look forward to keeping in touch with each of them.

Also, pitch stories! Halle and the rest of the staff will help you every step of the way from the developmental stage to its publication.

Christine is a graduate of Point Park University. After her internship with PublicSource, she interned at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review over the summer and will start Aug. 29 in a full-time position at the Pittsburgh Business Times as a technology and manufacturing reporter.

Roman Benty

PublicSource marketing intern, summer 2016

I'm a student of urban studies at University of Pittsburgh and am working as a marketing intern for PublicSource. While at PublicSource, I have been learning a lot about non-profit organizations and the impact they can have on local neighborhoods. I get to build real connections, expand partnerships with different organizations and plan community gatherings around important causes. Recently, I worked with WQED and 1Hood to curate a community event that focused on topics of unresolved murders and neighborhood violence. The event was a follow-up to a recent reporting project by PublicSource called “The Aftermath of Murder.” Organizing an event that tied directly to a series of articles was a novel experience for me. I think it is this sort of innovation in community engagement that sets PublicSource apart from other non-profits and most certainly differentiates the organization from other news outlets in the area. PublicSource provides a unique model for public service in the greater Pittsburgh community.

The dedication and mission of this organization lay the foundation for a positive and inspiring work environment, too.

I tell people about PublicSource every chance I get.

Stephanie Roman

PublicSource intern, summer 2015

What I feel was really great about interning for PublicSource was that I received a lot of hands-on experience and one-on-one instruction. With a small team, you guys are really able to combine your efforts and put together awesome stuff. Whether it was going out on interviews with Jeff, helping Natasha shoot videos for the site, going over data and fact checking with Eric or getting advised and encouraged about story pitches from Halle, I never felt like what I was doing was wasted or unnecessary.

In fact, it was pretty much the opposite - there's a lot of room to contribute. It helped me a lot to be in a physical newsroom, using professional tools and practices. More than anything, I learned the importance of checking work for errors, from the simple mathematical or technical, to more refined things, like rewording key sentences to make sure they didn't suggest something I didn't want them to.

Stephanie is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh. After her three-month internship, she was asked to stay on for a six-month fellowship with PublicSource. Now, she is considering a graduate school program.

Elaina Zachos

PublicSource intern, fall 2015

I interned at PublicSource as a junior at the University of Pittsburgh from July to December 2015. Overall, the experience helped me determine the newsworthiness and depth of a story. Working on the site's daily briefings (RIP) and news posts improved my media literacy and knowledge of local policies, as well as gave me the tools for how to scope out a story. The journalists at PublicSource are extremely dedicated and willing to help interns.

I got the chance to write an enterprise piece for PublicSource's project on Millennials, and that article has definitely helped me further my path as a student journalist. After the internship, I studied journalism and Arabic in Morocco, and went on to intern at National Geographic through a program run by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Interning at PublicSource helped with my application and acceptance to the Fulbright Berlin Capital Program, which will send me to Germany in November 2016 to learn about the media landscape in Europe.

Elizabeth Lepro

PublicSource intern, spring 2016

At PublicSource, I learned the basics of investigative journalism and was able to work independently on projects that interested me. But I also got to learn from journalists who have specific talents and areas of expertise -- even if it was sometimes just by watching them work. Unlike a traditional newsroom, there's no hurried deadlines or frantic rushes to breaking news, which leaves time to develop your story and put together impressive packages (clips!). Informational sessions and one-on-one chats with the reporters taught us intense fact-checking, data journalism skills and how to scope out information we needed. This is seriously work you'll be proud of.

Elizabeth is a senior at University of Pittsburgh and the editor-in-chief of Pitt News.