Climbing in the Hill: URA board approves negotiations for Hill District development

As part of Develop PGH, PublicSource will report here about notable actions and conversations from the monthly meetings of the Urban Redevelopment Authority [URA]. The meetings are held the second Thursday of each month. A city that has long struggled to get abandoned property back into use is trying a new model in the Hill District. In the short run, it could put 55 parcels along Centre Avenue back into private hands, create or enhance several businesses and add affordable housing and amenities to the neighborhood. Long-term?

‘No win for anybody’

The inquiry into alleged abuses at the State Correctional Institution Pittsburgh has resulted in nine lengthy employee suspensions and three firings that have been challenged in lawsuits or arbitration, and the cost to taxpayers is rising.

The guard who crossed the blue line

Harry F. Nicoletti and fellow Corrections Officer Curtis J. Hoffman worked the 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift at the State Correctional Institution Pittsburgh’s F Block, but they had long grated on each others’ nerves.

Did investigation of prison guards go too far?

When a shackled Kenneth VanWy shuffled to the front of a courtroom in January, the stage was set. A fellow inmate had just testified that a corrections officer at a Pittsburgh prison’s F Block had defecated and urinated on the mattress assigned to Mr. VanWy.

Abuse charges hard to prove in prisons

The inquiry into alleged physical and sexual abuse at State Correctional Institution Pittsburgh was ushered into court by the Department of Corrections’ Office of Special Investigations and Intelligence, or internal affairs.