North Point, in St. Lucy, Barbados. (Photo by Jourdan Hicks/PublicSource)

Learning from Barbados, Pittsburgh collective builds local model for Black environmentalism

For eight days, Publicsource Community Correspondent, Jourdan Hicks, joined the Black Environmental Collective of Pittsburgh, as an observer on a learning excursion in Barbados to learn more about the collective’s work. Professionals from industries ranging from Education to Hospitality, all from around Pittsburgh, met to uncover the primary reasons Black Environmental culture and participation don’t have significant footing or representation in Pittsburgh.

Single-use plastic and air pollution: Two leading experts share their knowledge about climate change

This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story. Read PublicSource's stories here. Climate change is a crisis that impacts us at both the global and local levels. The decisions of local and state lawmakers determine the type of materials that end up on our shelves and in our environment. The impact of pollution can vary depending on where you are, not just on a regional level but on a neighborhood level — meaning Pittsburghers don’t all experience the same consequences from pollution in the same way.

Global town hall highlights importance of gender equity in climate change solutions

To more effectively and fairly address climate change, gender and sustainability, advocates propose an important solution: include women at every level of the conversation.

At a global town hall on climate, gender and sustainability, speakers from Pittsburgh and around the world described the broader harm of ignoring women and gender minorities.