People walking in front of the city county building downtown Pittsburgh.

City of Pittsburgh faces three legal cases stemming from attempt to cut six longtime employees from the 2018 budget

Six longtime, mid-level employees of the City of Pittsburgh were informed their positions were set to be eliminated from the 2018 budget. According to legal documents and sources, the employees’ respective supervisors called them in for meetings in September 2017 to tell them they wouldn’t have jobs in the new year and asked them to not tell anyone.

(Illustration by Anita Dufalla/PublicSource)

New developments in B-Three whistleblower suit detail complaint filed by accused official

Rosato-Barone indicates that an internal investigation she initiated through the city’s Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI) into Souroth Chatterji was wider in scope. Besides Chatterji, it targeted former Chief Cameron McLay and key police personnel, including former Assistant Chief Larry Scirotto. These individuals were all involved in the McLay administration’s scrutiny of software projects involving Rosato-Barone and Plum-based B-Three Solutions.