From the Source is a podcast driven by Pittsburgh people and Pittsburgh stories. In season 3, we’re focusing on breaking barriers, entering new spaces, the challenges of growth and achievement. And we’re asking after all this life experience, what do you know for sure?

Hosted and narrated by PublicSource senior community correspondent Jourdan Hicks, From the Source is a compelling combination of first-person narrative, audio storytelling and community engagement. 

If you want to feel moved, informed and inspired by Pittsburgh people, this is the podcast for you. 

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Priya Amin illustration on a stylized background

Priya’s vision for child care | S3, Ep. 4

In this episode of From the Source, you’ll meet Priya Amin, co-creator of the child care company Flexable. Priya talks about where the idea for Flexable came from and why it was so needed, the…

Terry Gibson illustration on a stylized background

Terry’s pilgrimage to Pittsburgh | S3, Ep. 3

Introducing Terry Gibson: Ten years ago, religion and family pushed this Florida native to break ground in a new city he’d never visited. Listen to his description of Pittsburgh’s “unfiltered” religious identity, takeaways from his time here and his wishes…

Episode 14: Pandemics, plural: Season 1 recap

Season 1 of “From the Source” set out to hear about life in Pittsburgh during the coronavirus pandemic. We heard from business owners, students, parents and others. Then, we shifted attention to the crisis of racism and police brutality against…