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Jourdan: Welcome to From the Source. I’m your podcast host, Jourdan Hicks. We’re taking a break to observe the holiday season, so there won’t be a new episode this week. You can check out past episodes from this season on PublicSource.org and Kidsburgh.org, and it’s also streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. We’re back Wednesday, Jan. 4. 

Next time on From the Source, Episode 6: 

Quill: There is a science teacher at our school who does not believe in climate change. He’s a science teacher. 

Jourdan: Scouts from Troop 55286 share how they became teen climate activists and why more teens aren’t engaged with environmental justice issues. 

Lucy: We are the most affected by it, but we have the least say in it. Like we are not able to go into Congress and make laws. We are not able to vote. Most of us were not able to put solar panels on our roofs. We are only able to have conversations and educate ourselves, and I feel like as we get older, it’s our responsibility to educate younger people. 

Quill: It’s hard to make it relevant to someone when the only relevant way is bad ways or like bad things that are going to happen. 

Liliana: Like, the people that are in charge of the laws that are being made act like basically like the world is this, like, stress ball that they can just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and it will just go back to normal.

Jourdan: Teens fighting for a livable planet. Top of the year, Jan. 4 on From the Source. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. Stay safe. Be well. 

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