PublicSource’s best stories of the year

There are lots of things you could factor into what makes a story one of the ‘best.’ For me, it’s a combination of things: the reporting, the writing, the impact. Also, did we tell you something you didn’t already know or explain something you’d heard about, but didn’t really understand?

These are the stories that I would select as my personal favorites of the work we’ve done. And I’d say that, by the numbers of people who read them, you would, too.

Why write about heroin?

PublicSource recently published a story about Holly Wright, the mother of two young children and a heroin addict.

It was one of the most read stories since we began three years ago and the video of Holly, now in recovery, and her three-year-old daughter, was the most watched.

Ben Bradlee and a ‘sassy broad’

There have been many eloquent tributes to Ben Bradlee, the consummate editor, charmer, lion of the Washington Post newsroom and editor during Watergate, who died last week at 93.

Certainly, every one of the hundreds of reporters he hired has at least one anecdote that speaks to his scintillating presence.

Including me.

PublicSource grows again

Recently, PublicSource was the subject of In The Spotlight, a part of the Heinz Endowments website that allows organizations they fund to tell their own stories.

Talking about prisons

You might think that a beautiful day in spring when the trees and daffodils are blooming is a difficult time to stay inside and talk about incarceration.

But about 150 people recently joined a distinguished panel on just such a day in Pittsburgh to talk about the prisons and jails in the city, the state and the nation.

PublicSource goes to high school to talk, and learn, about media bias

In the fall, an unusual request came my way. Renee Patrick, an English teacher at Winchester Thurston High School in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside, wanted PublicSource staffers to talk with two classes about media bias.

I was surprised. Junior and senior high-school students were studying media? Which media? Don't they get all their news from twitter, Facebook and Jon Stewart? Do they read the legacy media? Have they even heard of the 80 or so online news sources across the country like PublicSource that do in-depth news?

PublicSource is growing

PublicSource is growing.

We are extending our reach with new newspaper partners, including the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the Lancaster County Intelligencer Journal and New Era, The Erie Times-News and The York Daily Record. These new partners have hundreds of thousands of readers online and in print.