PA fourth in U.S. for breaking hotel wage-and-hour laws

If you’ve stayed at the Heritage Hills Resort in York while touring Amish country, toasted newlyweds at the Avalon Hotel in Erie, or settled in for a weekend of pampering at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the Laurel Highlands, chances are the person who made your bed, poured your champagne or washed your towels wasn’t being paid minimum wage.

The Right to Know, or the Right to No?

After getting a parking ticket at Pittsburgh International Airport, a driver requested a copy of the Allegheny Police Department’s report of the incident. The department didn’t respond.

A parent asked the Ligonier Valley School District for documents detailing planned teacher layoffs. The school district said it had no such documents.

Lottery losers

When Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane ruled that Gov. Tom Corbett’s contract for private management of the state lottery was illegal, proponents of privatization shot back that Kane’s decision meant a loss of an additional $50 million for senior services.

PA gives billions to companies, gets little back, studies say

A new company comes to Pennsylvania, adds 250 jobs and keeps the personal income taxes taken out of workers’ paychecks instead of handing them over to the state.

That’s the economic incentive deal recently approved in Harrisburg for companies that come to Pennsylvania. It’s one that several groups here say is unnecessary.