A sign indicates the entrance to the PERSAD Center in Lawrenceville, one of the two PERSAD locations in Western Pa. (Photo by Ryan Loew/PublicSource)

How PERSAD Center is dealing with sudden leadership changes and concerns about a no-show policy for its LGBTQ patients

Under the nonprofit’s “no-show” attendance policy, clients get discharged from services if they miss three appointments in six months. This policy is not new, but PERSAD only began reviewing the policy with patients and asking them to sign it in the fall. And concern over this policy is not the only upheaval occurring at PERSAD.

People walking in front of the city county building downtown Pittsburgh.

City of Pittsburgh faces three legal cases stemming from attempt to cut six longtime employees from the 2018 budget

Six longtime, mid-level employees of the City of Pittsburgh were informed their positions were set to be eliminated from the 2018 budget. According to legal documents and sources, the employees’ respective supervisors called them in for meetings in September 2017 to tell them they wouldn’t have jobs in the new year and asked them to not tell anyone.

Ableism at the dinner table: How I learned to ignore glares and let my arms ‘dance’

My arms were constantly in motion, as if I were conducting a never-ending orchestra. Sometimes the movements were fluid, smooth even, but other times my right arm looked as though it were climbing an invisible jungle gym, my muscles contracting and tensing in uncomfortable positions. It was the tangible evidence of years of internalized ableism and shame.