How seniors in Allegheny County combat social isolation

When you zero in on the Allegheny County residents who are 75 and older, the rates of living alone grow. Nearly half of them (roughly 53,000 people) live alone, and it’s more common among women, according to the 2014 State of Aging in Allegheny County report.

Living alone puts seniors at an increased risk for social isolation, according to the report.

Taking care of an older relative is hard. Will Pennsylvania’s CARE Act make it easier?

Health According to the AARP, there are about 40 million family members in the United States taking care of their loved ones at home.

That’s where the CARE Act comes in. Pennsylvania passed a bill in April to address some of the challenges caregivers face, and hospitals have until next April to figure out how to provide the support and education required by it. How effective it can be remains to be seen.


Few nursing homes adjust care for obese patients

Nearly 25 percent of people entering nursing homes are moderately or severely obese, and that number is expected to grow.

Nursing home staff, who are already often overworked, are having trouble handling these patients and special needs that the facilities aren’t equipped to provide for, reports Kaiser Health News.