Flooding the Zone: Gas industry pours millions into lobbying PA

When big portions of Act 13 were overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last year, it meant the state would likely debate its landmark Marcellus shale law for years to come. Before it was passed, Act 13 was a subject of intense focus by the oil and gas industry. Critics of the law say this lobbying push had excessive influence on the process.

Amid shale rush, health questions

Amy Pare is a plastic surgeon in Washington County. She makes her living doing lifts, tucks and augmentations. So it’s remarkable that she finds herself in the middle of a public health debate.

Penn State scandal may mean change for open-records law

Penn State University has used an exemption in the state’s Right-to-Know Law to reject requests for details about what school officials knew about Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach accused of abusing young boys, and when they knew it.
Because of the exemption, emails between administration officials and Sandusky, as well as incident reports from campus police, are off-limits to the public, said Terry Mutchler, Executive Director of the state’s Office of Open Records.