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This spacious zippered tote with a design by local artist Andrea Shockling represents different Pittsburghers' walks of life, just like we strive for our nonprofit newsroom's journalism to do.

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A Publicsource tote bag sitting on a chair, filled with a bouquet of flowers, an umbrella, and fruit. The tote reads PUBLICSOURCE: Journalism for a better Pittsburgh and shows images of a person in a wheelchair, a person in a headscarf holding the hands of two children, a person running, and a person carrying a stack of books.

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A freshman founder takes us on an entrepreneurial journey of doubts and triumph | S4, Ep. 10

In a candid conversation, high school freshman Jazmiere Bates opens up about her experiences as an entrepreneur and the challenges she’s had to overcome to establish her brand. She shares her journey, including the inspiration and dedication that goes into building a successful business, and the importance of staying encouraged despite facing insecurity and doubts […]