Pittsburgh: Controversy over a sign

The Allegheny Health Network, Highmark Health’s provider system, is proposing the installation of signs atop Allegheny General Hospital in an attempt to up its name recognition. The signs would be among the largest in the city, likely visible to Highmark competitor UPMC from its headquarters in the city’s tallest building.

Pittsburgh: New security head for public schools

George Brown Jr. is the new chief of police for Pittsburgh Public Schools. He said he will focus on diversity and training the school guards on how to treat students with special needs.

Harrisburg: Votes scheduled to confirm new state leaders

The state Senate is expected to hold votes today for four of Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominees today. The nominee for state police commissioner, Marcus Brown, has been heavily scrutinized and his confirmation remains doubtful.

Allentown: Community reels from tragedy

Two children fell from a fourth-floor window on Friday; a 3-year-old girl died and a 5-year-old girl was in critical condition over the weekend. The conversation has shifted to making windows more secure.

Statewide: State employees’ overtime costs

Last year, the $227 million paid to state employees for overtime hours was the most the state has paid in about 20 years. Physicians, psychiatrists and prison corrections officers were among the top earners of overtime pay.

Statewide: Construction on deficient bridges

More than 550 bridges in Pennsylvania will be repaired in the next three years, and construction begins this month.


Two inmates escape New York prison

Authorities are conducting a manhunt for two convicted murderers who escaped a maximum-security state prison and remained on the loose Sunday evening. The men used power tools to drill through steel walls and then found an underground route that led them beyond the barbed wire.

Beau Biden’s funeral ceremony

The vice president asked President Obama to deliver the eulogy for his son, shedding light on the intensely personal relationship the nation’s leaders and their families have.

Hackers may have gotten information on private citizens, too

The stolen personal information of four million current and former federal employees may have also led hackers to sensitive information shared on the people those employees used for background checks. That includes relatives, friends and roommates.

Fight for $15 campaign earns a powerful backer

Hillary Clinton placed a call to the growing group of fast-food workers and service industry employees who are holding protests to increase the minimum wage to $15. Clinton launched her campaign with the “It’s your time” slogan, and her support here falls in line with the message that she plans to lift up low-income and middle-class families.


History on the race track

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown, the first horse to do so in 37 years. The accomplishment has assuaged concerns that the expectations put on the horses needed to be lowered.

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