One thought on “PA law prohibits needle exchanges that can save lives

  1. This article is wrong in some ways. I lived in area where Prevention Point set up its tables in Kensington 20 years ago. I made use of PP — remember when it was set up near the tracks and also at Cumberland and Kensington Ave. (Don’t know about today.) People could just walk up and get 6 free needles — turning in none. If you gave 10 in you would sometimes get 25 back depending on who was at the table. If you helped set up, give out needle, cookers and condoms you often got a full box of needles to take home! (Meaning you got to sell them out on the street and get money to feed your habit.) Philly . com has an article 2/19/17 that reveals that more than 500,000 Free Prevention Point needles are in a small area called “the gulch” Prevention Point operates. How know how many Prevention Point Needles are on the streets, out on other empty lots and dropped out of sight down the sewers. Prevention point did reduce HIV but it also increased drug availability and usage in area at Huntingdon and Somerset “EL” stops. Outside Users also came to area because of Prevention Points Free Supply of Needles. STOP Prevention Point NOW and replace it with something appropriate for the present crisis day and age!