Map updated April 09, 2017.

How many gun crimes happened within a mile of your home? Using police data, we built a map that allows you to type in your address and see.

Since January 2010, Pittsburgh has had more than 322 gun homicides, 1,250 shootings with an injury and 1,490 gun assaults. Many of these are on the map.

But, you should know, a handful of shootings did not have mappable addresses. Those will not appear here. Additionally, police separately tallied more than 17,000 reports of shots fired since August 2010. Because it’s impossible to verify specific addresses for those events, that data has not been included.

This map will be updated as new data is available. Please give us your feedback on how to make this more useable, and let us know if any points appear in the wrong location. We’ve vetted it, but you may know better. Email us at

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