Looking for a COVID-19 vaccine has been a common experience among Pittsburghers over the last two months. As Pennsylvania begins to open up eligibility for a vaccine, there are still many challenges related to obtaining a vaccine appointment for those who want them. 

All Pennsylvanians, 16 years of age and older, will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination starting April 19.

The PublicSource staff created this resource page to share what we have learned to help navigate the process. This will never be 100% comprehensive, and we can’t vouch for vaccine supply at any location. Eligibility criteria are also changing all the time, so we recommend checking both the pharmacy website and their social media accounts for updated eligibility information and last-minute doses. 

We hope this page helps make the process easier for you to find a vaccine appointment close to home and to share information with the people you care about.  


Use the table we compiled below for links and tips we have found to be most helpful in finding vaccine appointments.

Please email info@publicsource.org with any corrections or if you are a local pharmacy that wishes to be added to the list.

PublicSource’s Jennie Ewing Liska put this resource together, Danielle Cruz contributed.

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