Sept. 8, 2015


Pittsburgh: Vice President Joe Biden kicks off Labor Day parade

The vice president spoke to a crowd of union members Monday, highlighting what he called an unfair tax code and the growing wealth gap in the United States. No official decision on running for president, though.

Pittsburgh: Bank chain leaving the area

The Fifth Third Bank is selling its 17 Pittsburgh-area bank branches to the First National Bank of Pennsylvania. Customers will be contacted about transferring their accounts.

Lehigh Valley: Predictions for a hard winter

The Old Farmer’s Almanac and meteorologists are predicting it will be a cold, wet and snowy winter, only bolstered by the return of the perennial El Nino.

Scranton: More services for prisoners’ aid program

Financial management, educational and healthcare services have been added to a program that helps prisoners get back into their communities, thanks to partnerships with local Scranton businesses and organizations.

Erie: Enrollment at area colleges

Retention efforts by colleges in the Erie area appear to be working. Enrollment levels have largely remained level despite the decreasing number of high school graduates in the tri-state area.

Statewide: Shale industry growth slowing

Shale gas production in the first six months of 2015 increased nearly 6 percent over the previous six months, but it doesn’t compare to the double-digit increases of the past. Industry officials attribute it, in part, to not having the pipeline infrastructure to transport the gas to high-demand areas.

Statewide: PA lagging in privacy protections

The growing concerns over surveillance and privacy seem to be lost on state legislators. A new report puts Pennsylvania near the bottom of the pack for its lack of regulations that could protect the privacy of its residents. You might not think this affects you, but did you know your boss could demand your Facebook password and legally punish you if you don’t hand it over?


New York governor’s aide shot

A Harvard-educated lawyer and a top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was shot in the head before a parade in Brooklyn on Monday. Carey Gabay was in critical condition.

The pope speaks up on current events again

This time, Pope Francis called for every Catholic parish in European countries to commit to taking in Syrian refugees. This could translate into shelter for tens of thousands, but politicians are questioning how many refugees they can accommodate.

Paid sick leave

President Obama issued an executive order that requires federal contractors to offer seven days of paid sick leave to workers. The order affects 300,000 federal employees.

Kentucky clerk asks to be freed

The Kentucky clerk who refused to authorize same-sex marriages and was put in jail on contempt of court charges has filed for an exemption, so she can be excused from authorizing unions that she says conflict with her religious beliefs.


‘Archaeology on steroids’

We’ve all heard of Stonehenge; now there’s a ‘superhenge’ only two miles away from the original.

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