Oct. 19, 2015


Pittsburgh: Greenfield Bridge goodbyes

It’s the beginning of the end for the 90-year-old Greenfield Bridge. Local residents celebrated on the bridge over the weekend, in part to show support for the businesses that will be affected by the closure. The $17.5 million replacement is expected to take 18 months to complete.

Pittsburgh: Trib’s local papers have a buyer

Trib Total Media announced that a Huntingdon, Pa., publishing company will buy two daily newspapers and six weekly publications. The company expects to close the deal by Dec. 31.

Pittsburgh: Rally to strengthen animal protections

About 100 people with their pets gathered in the North Side on Saturday to support a proposed state law that would create harsher penalties for animal abusers. The law would make animal cruelty a third-degree misdemeanor and repeat offenders could see jail time.

Lackawanna County: Discord over power plant proposal

The small town of Jessup is split into two camps — those for the natural-gas-fired power plant that could create jobs and those that think it will harm property values and the local economy. Both sides think there will be an effect on the environment, but they differ on whether it would be positive or negative.

Allentown: Medical records battle

A patient fighting to get her own medical records from a doctor who was treating her for allergies is shedding light on the federal patient privacy law known as HIPAA.

Erie: Snow… already

It’s not even Halloween yet but the state’s northwestern corner has experienced its first wintry weather.


Homeless in Hawaii

The tropical state of Hawaii has the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the nation, so much so that the governor has declared a state of emergency. The state is dedicating $1.3 million to create more services and shelters for the homeless.

A bite out of Apple

A federal jury has sided with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which filed a lawsuit against the technology giant last year for allegedly infringing on the school’s technology patents. The jury has ordered Apple to pay $234 million, but Apple says it will appeal the decision.

Shootings at ZombiCon

One man was killed and at least five others wounded in a shooting at a zombie-themed charity event in Fort Myers, Fla., on Saturday.


Typhoon in Philippines

About 16,000 people have been displaced in the wake of a typhoon that also took out the electricity and has shut down transportation in and out of the affected villages. News reports have identified two dead from the storm.


Boomers taking over urban living

The Boomers are following the Millennial generation to the downtown apartments and condos. And they’re pricing the younger ones out of the market, too.

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