Harrisburg: Gov. Wolf vetoes stopgap budget

Fulfilling a promise he made earlier, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a GOP-sponsored interim budget, claiming it to be a poor solution to long-term problems. Gov. Wolf is demanding a “real budget,” and said that he is working on a compromise with Republicans.

Pittsburgh: The last wooden street

Roslyn Place in Shadyside is 250 feet long, but it is the city’s last wooden street. It was built in 1914 out of 26,000 wooden blocks and is designated a Historic Landmark.

Pittsburgh: Jeb Bush rolls out energy policy

Jeb Bush delivered his energy plan Tuesday at Rice Energy in Canonsburg, calling for lighter regulation of the energy sector and more local control of natural resources. Bush said the plan would stimulate job growth and higher wages.   

Pittsburgh: ‘Barcade’ in South Side finally reopens

After closing in January because of licensing issues, the Victory Pointe cafe reopened last week. It’s a BYOB gaming cafe where patrons can duke it out in pinball machines, arcade classics and console games.

Philadelphia: Businesses suffer from papal visit

Hotels and restaurants reported significant fiscal losses following the Pope’s visit. Many business owners overestimated the spending power of the hundreds of thousands of visitors. Hotels charging $1,000 a night were left unbooked, and stores were left with stockpiles of uneaten food. Owners believe extreme security measures also factored into the losses.


Medicare’s $30 million for ambulance rides unaccounted for

Medicare paid $30 million for ambulance transportation, but there are no records that the patients received medical attention at their destination. Philadelphia accompanies New York, Houston and Los Angeles as the top four metro areas responsible for about half of the questionable rides.  

Planned Parenthood’s president addresses Congress

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, directly addressed Congress Tuesday regarding speculations that the organization illegally sells fetal tissue for profit. Richards claimed the controversy was a direct result of fraudulent videos released by an anti-abortion group. The hearing focused on whether federal funding should continue for the group.

U.S. launches airstrike

After a Taliban assault on Kunduz Tuesday, the U.S. military launched an airstrike to help clear the way for Afghan reinforcements.


When a cappuccino is a cappuccino

A cappuccino is a drink made with espresso, hot milk and foam.  But experts strongly disagree about the drink’s recipe — Italian-style blends the layers together, but the classic style set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America states the drink needs separate layers. In fact, the New Zealand flat white could be more like a classic cappuccino than a cappuccino.

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