Pittsburgh: Nurse assistant helped prisoner escape hospital

A nursing assistant at UPMC McKeesport was charged with helping the prisoner who escaped from the hospital earlier this month. Police say she hid a handcuff key in a tissue box near the prisoner.

Pittsburgh: New imaging technologies to detect prostate cancer

Dr. Benjamin Davies, chief of urology at UPMC Shadyside, is working with a new device that will help doctors detect high-risk forms of prostate cancer. The new imaging technologies can detect lesions on the prostate that can possibly contain cancer.  

Selinsgrove: New nickname to come for Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University in Snyder County will replace its long-standing “Crusaders” nickname after critics said it conflicted with the university’s increasing diversity. A new nickname and mascot will take its place after talking with students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Statewide: Bill for police body cameras in homes passes Senate

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of a bill that would allow police officers in the state to use body cameras inside homes, but make the footage exempt to public record requests.

Statewide: PennDOT to monitor snow plows

More than 700 plow trucks will be equipped with new technology that will allow PennDOT and the public to track them on interstates and expressways. The Automated Vehicle Location System will help the agency better analyze how efficiently it responds to storms.


FBI conducting investigation on South Carolina police officer

Local authorities in South Carolina requested the FBI and Justice Department conduct an investigation into the police officer caught on video throwing a student out of a desk and across a classroom. The deputy involved, Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields, has been placed on administrative leave.

Pentagon announces ‘direct action’ against ISIS

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that the U.S. will begin “direct action” in the fight against ISIS forces, which could mean airstrikes or ground combat.

Dementia care more expensive than other diseases

Dementia, heart disease and cancer are all diseases that involve long periods of decline, but dementia, by far, requires the greatest healthcare costs. Of the three diseases, dementia is the only one with no effective treatments to slow it down, and the high costs stem from caregivers who need to help with basic activities.

Walgreens nears deal to buy Rite-Aid

Walgreens Boots Alliance is close to a deal to buy Rite-Aid, which would combine two of the nation’s largest drugstore chains.    

In Other News

Locked doors for one retailer on Black Friday

REI, a retail chain for a wide range of outdoor and fitness activities, will remain closed to Black Friday shoppers, and the company’s 12,000 employees will have the day off with pay. Jerry Stritzke, CEO of REI, said that Black Friday has gotten out of hand, and he hopes that shoppers will take the time to instead spend the day outside.

A deer demands treatment

After a deer in New York was severely injured after running into a car, it walked through the automatic doors of a local hospital’s emergency department.  

The Daily Report was compiled by Christine Manganas, a PublicSource intern. You can reach her with questions or suggestions at


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