Pittsburgh: McKeesport teacher charged in sexual assault case

Michelle Mellinger, a special education teaching assistant at McKeesport High School, has been charged with having sex with four students between the ages of 15 and 17. The charges include institutional and statutory sexual assault as well as corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minors.

Pittsburgh: Port Authority considering additional transit service

The continuing fall in gas prices prompted Port Authority to begin reviewing formal requests for additional transit services to begin next year. Lower prices have meant remaining funding.

York: Hospital warns of possible exposure to infection

Eight patients, four who later died, at the WellSpan York Hospital were apparently infected by contaminated water that formed in the heating-cooling devices used with bypass machinery. The Food and Drug Administration issued alerts about the devices earlier this month. The hospital recently sent 1,300 letters to patients who may have been exposed.

Philadelphia: SEPTA proposes power with Marcellus Shale gas

The region’s mass transit agency proposed a new natural gas power plant to generate energy for the commuter rail system. The $26.8 million project would serve regional rail lines and a large bus depot.

McCandless: Cement to wetland

Residents are deciding whether or not to turn a 27-acre area of asphalt into wetlands. The Allegheny Land Trust proposed the purchase at the northern end of McKnight Rd., where there is now a closed movie theater. The McCandless land-use administrator said the project would help to lessen flooding.  

Statewide: PA State Police struggle to recruit

High levels of retirement within the State Police system have left recruiters struggling to find good applicants. Candidates applying to join the police is at an all-time low, as the number of on-the-job incidents and officers charged with crimes increases.


Processed meat may be a cause of cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Monday that eating processed meats, such as bacon and hot dogs, and unprocessed red meats cause cancer. The cancer research unit for WHO said that meat can be linked specifically to colon cancer.  

FBI understates number of police fatalities in high-speed chases

The Federal Bureau of Investigation counted only 24 deaths of police officers from high-speed chases since 1980, but records showed more than 360, 15 times the FBI’s count. The understatement stems from the FBI labeling a majority of the cases as automobile accidents.  

Ole Miss lowers the state flag

The University of Mississippi removed its state flag Monday after the student government, faculty and staff voted that the school take it down because it incorporates the Confederate battle emblem. Mississippi is the only state flag that includes a confederate emblem or imagery.


Earthquake kills more than 215 in Afghanistan

An earthquake jolted northeastern Afghanistan Monday and more than 215 are dead across the region. Officials are bracing for more casualties. The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.5 and was centered in an area of the Hindu Kush mountains.

In Other News

Restaurant offers discount to gun owners

After a robbery at Papa Roux, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis, the owner is offering a 25 percent discount to customers with licenses to carry legal handguns. The owner stated that the new decision is meant to ensure that his business is not an easy target.

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