Pittsburgh: Highmark drops plan for statewide network

Highmark has dropped a plan to create a statewide network that would allow doctors to access medical records regardless of the hospital in order to get quicker access to records. The company said that they instead are going to build closer relationships with healthcare providers.

Hulton Bridge now open

The first cars drove across the new $65.7 million Hulton Bridge that links Harmar and Oakmont on Tuesday. The long-awaited bridge stretches over the Allegheny River.  

Somerset County: Tiny Town defunds cops

The small borough of Boswell opted to defund its two police officers in order to pay utility bills. The small town and its 1,200 residents will now have to depend on state police for coverage.

Bellefonte: Jerry Sandusky will appear in court

A Judge signed an order that Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, be brought to court in Centre County. Sandusky, serving 30 to 60 years in state prison after being found guilty of child-sex abuse, contends that his trial attorney was ineffective.

Statewide: Turnpike may say goodbye to call boxes

The Senate Transportation Committee analyzed a bill Tuesday to remove call boxes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike because of a drop in use and a rise in cell phone ownership. If passed, the Turnpike Commission would save $200,000 a year and would remove the boxes.  


American Cancer Society recommends fewer mammograms

The American Cancer Society released a set of guidelines Tuesday suggesting that women wait until age 45, instead of 40, to begin annual breast cancer screenings. The guidelines concluded that mammograms can do more harm than good in younger women, as older women are much more at risk for breast cancer. See our news post.

One less candidate

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb announced Tuesday that he was withdrawing from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Webb said he agrees with those who identify as political independents and has yet to decide whether he will remain a registered Democrat.

Continued Confederate flag controversy

The Greene County Commission in Tennessee voted down a request to raise the Confederate flag over the courthouse in Greeneville. Twenty members of the the commission voted against the measure, while one sole supporter, James Randolph, argued that it served as a historic emblem.

High school football tragedy

Junior Cam’ron Matthews, 16, of Alto High School in Texas died Friday of a brain aneurysm after his football game. Matthew’s death marks the sixth of the season among high school football players, raising question about the game’s safety.  

In Other News

Marty McFly finally arrives

Today marks the day that Marty McFly of Back to the Future will arrive from 1985 to a future full of hoverboards and flying cars. In honor of the day, Lawrenceville’s Row House Cinema will be hosting a special viewing of the movie.

The Daily Report was compiled by Christine Manganas, a PublicSource intern. You can reach her with questions or suggestions at

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