Pittsburgh: Loaded gun found at airport

Pittsburgh International Airport TSA arrested a 19-year-old Oklahoma woman after finding a loaded .38 caliber Ruger handgun in her carry-on luggage. Officers have found 14 guns at the airport just this year.

Pittsburgh: CMU addresses college sex assaults

Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) officials got together Monday in a meeting hoping to promote dialogue with a forum regarding sexual assaults on campus. The meeting was the first of three, and they discussed results of a newly released survey revealing statistics of assault, including that 26 percent of CMU’s undergraduate women experienced some sort of sexual assault since their enrollment.

Pittsburgh: New practices for concussion injuries?

More than three dozen clinicians met in Pittsburgh to develop and discuss protocols for treating concussions. Experts at the meeting said there is no clear approach to treatment, but Dr. Javier Cardenas, director of the Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Center at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, said experts have analyzed studies that rest could worsen conditions. Controlled exercise is a better approach.

Washington County: Peters Township teacher strike likely

Peters Township School District teachers and officials failed to reach an agreement on a new contract Sunday, and teachers will go on strike Oct. 28 if there is no agreement. Teachers are seeking to limit class size, while the district proposed that they pay more for healthcare and work longer hours.

Statewide: House panel backs study of zero tolerance policy in schools

The House Education Committee voted unanimously Monday in favor of a study revealing how public schools’ zero tolerance policy works and what the alternatives are. The vote directs the Joint State Government Commission to report the range of policies in which police are called into a situation.


Drones will require registration

Federal regulators said Monday they plan to require users of recreational drones to register them with the government. The action derived from the sale of these simple drones and their interference with air traffic.

Arson investigation after multiple church fires

Investigators have no suspects in the burning of six predominately black churches in St. Louis. The arsons took place in an area close to the shooting by police of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and they are now regarded as a series of possible hate crimes.

Halloween safety program faces lawsuit from sex offender

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is facing a lawsuit regarding their yearly Halloween project to protect children from sex offenders. The program, “Operation Boo,” requires sex offenders to post a sign stating they do not not participate in Trick-or-Treating, but the founder and president of California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization and her client are challenging this demand.

In Other News

Hunter scores two kills… in a zoo

A hunter in Norway shot two moose in a hunting expedition, but he soon learned that he was targeting through the fence of the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center.

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