Pittsburgh: City to revert to self-insured health care

Officials announced a plan that would have Pittsburgh pay for health insurance claims instead of putting that responsibility on insurance carriers. The switch is scheduled for Jan. 1, and will include continued coverage for Highmark and Aetna providers.

Pittsburgh: Senior center funds halted

The Parks and Recreation Department froze accounts funded by seniors for senior citizens’ centers in order to investigate “unusual” transactions last week. Director Jim Griffin says the city will try to lift the hold by the end of the week.

Harrisburg: Supreme Court judge apologizes for emails

Justice J. Michael Eakin apologized for sending inappropriate emails on an account under the name “John Smith.” His apology comes two days after the Court said it would hire a lawyer to probe Eakin’s emails.

Harrisburg: Environmentalists endorse Supreme Court candidates

Four environmental groups endorsed three Democratic candidates for the state Supreme Court. Sustainability, the groups say, will be a statewide concern in the coming years.

Mount Pleasant: Threat causes youth football to cancel season

The area’s Junior Football League called off the rest of its season after someone left bullet casings near the football field where it played. The names of league officials were written on the casings.


Planned Parenthood changes policy

The family planning center announced it will stop accepting reimbursement for programs that supply fetal tissue for research purposes. Controversial videos allegedly showing the group’s officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue prompted the policy change.

Detroit child sex trafficking scheme busted

FBI officials arrested 12 suspected pimps as part of Operation Cross Country IX. Twenty-five people were arrested in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the same law enforcement action.

California drops inmate firefighter proposal

Officials are going back on their plan to let convicts who have violent backgrounds work in the state’s inmate firefighting unit. But California will still expand the program with other prisoners, said a corrections spokesman.

Missing boy found dead

Authorities found the body of a 3-year-old boy who went missing Tuesday. The child’s body was found a mile from his New Jersey home, and police are investigating the cause of his death.


Love hurts

A woman in New York City sued her 12-year-old nephew for aggressively hugging and injuring her at his birthday party four years ago. The suit, which she lost, included $127,000 for a broken wrist she got after he enthusiastically jumped into her arms.

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