Pittsburgh: Another hospital had mold problems

Two patients at Allegheny General Hospital contracted fungal infections in 2014 after transplants, health officials said. One died. The ongoing probe at UPMC Presbyterian and Montefiore prompted the announcement.

Pittsburgh: Student charged for bringing suspected heroin to school

An 18-year-old student is suspended from University Prep in Hill District after authorities suspected him of bringing 13 stamp bags of heroin to the school. He will be charged with a misdemeanor for possession.

Western PA: Leaders launch transportation initiative

Members from the public and private sectors will collaborate on a Regional Transportation Alliance. The group will hear from more than 700 community organizations on their transportation needs and determine long-term projects.

Harrisburg: High standards, low test scores

This year’s math and reading scores for grades three through eight are 21 percent lower than last year’s. The state Department of Education says the scores dropped because the tests are not the same as the ones distributed in past years.

Washington, D.C.: Pennsylvania Republicans for McCarthy

Eleven of the state’s 13 GOP representatives support Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California as House speaker. Current Speaker John Boehner will leave his post Oct. 30.


Government skirts shutdown

The Senate passed a spending bill to sustain federal funding until Dec. 11. The House and President Obama approved the bill before the deadline at midnight.

Follow-up with Pope Francis

Pope Francis met with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis during his U.S. visit last week, the Vatican confirmed. Francis also voiced his opposition to the nation’s death penalty in his congressional address, but several states have scheduled executions despite his remarks.

Oakland Athletics appoints first female MLB coach

Justine Siegal, 40, will be the first woman to coach in the baseball league. The NHL is the only sports league that hasn’t had a female coach.


HIV guidelines revised

Doctors should treat HIV patients as early as possible instead of waiting for them to show signs of illness, the World Health Organization reports. The U.S. and other developed countries already comply to this standard.

Bombings in China

Seven people are dead and 51 injured after explosions rocked a city in southern China. The Ministry of Public Security says the bombings, which hit several public places and government buildings, are criminal rather than terrorist acts.


Gold at the end of the tunnel

Explorers may have found a legendary “gold train” in Poland. Supposedly, the Nazis hid in a secret city by the site, but had to leave the train behind when the Soviet Army drove them out near the end of World War II.

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