Pittsburgh: Type 1 diabetes leads to premature brain aging

University of Pittsburgh researchers from the Graduate School of Public Health will publish their study on May 19, but the results are in: Middle-aged diabetics show more brain abnormalities and slower cognitive processing than the control group, and undergo a faster brain maturity rate.

Pittsburgh: Treadmills are dangerous

Treadmill injuries are more common than you think. Nearly 25,000 people went to the emergency room last year due to accidents. Treadmills create an unnatural sense of imbalance and can cause dehydration and taxation, so know your limits before hopping on.

Pittsburgh: Highmark covers UPMC claims

Since January, nearly all of UPMC’s 900,000 claims were paid by Highmark, but about 30,000 were left unsettled. On Wednesday, Highmark agreed to process the outstanding claims.

Harrisburg: Municipal pension reform No. 1 for Peduto

On Tuesday, Mayor Bill Peduto met with the Democrats at the Capitol, where he lobbied for legislative action on municipal pension reform. He claimed it was the first, second and third of the most important issues to address this year.

Philadelphia: Last televised mayoral debate

Tuesday night, the six Democratic candidates discussed the firing of Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, negotiating with the teachers union and raising the minimum wage to $15.


Natasha Khan and Eric Holmberg, “8 facts about the shale gas industry’s air pollution”

Halle Stockton, “School, work and mobility discussed by and for people with disabilities”


North Dakota train derailment

Wednesday morning, a crude oil train derailment forced the evacuation of about three dozen people in Heimdal, N.D. As of Wednesday afternoon, it was unclear what caused the wreck and how many cars were involved. A PublicSource investigation shows that 1.5 million Pennsylvanians are at risk of a derailment tragedy. For tabs on derailments, check out the Friday derailment roundup.

Potential Justice Department inquiry into Baltimore police

On Wednesday, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the Justice Department to perform a civil rights investigation into the police department to seek out signs of abuse and discrimination, particularly in regard to Fourth Amendment violations. The pressure’s on the Justice Department to investigate, but no action had been made as of Wednesday afternoon.

Value of a dollar

The American dollar rose in value compared to foreign currencies, which could actually be weakening the economy. The March trade gap is pretty expansive with $240 billion in imports and $190 billion in exports, totaling a deficit of a little more than $51 billion.

Banning fracking prohibited in Texas

A bill passed the Senate on Monday and is expected to be signed by Gov. Greg Abbott that will prevent Texas cities from banning fracking. Communities are allowed to weigh in on above-ground activities, but cannot impose limits underground.


Grateful Dead reunion/ farewell

Dust off that VW bus. Although the final three July concerts in Chicago are sold out, you can watch them at three Pittsburgh theaters: Cinemark Monroeville Mall 12, Cinemark Robinson Township and Cinemark 17 Pittsburgh Mills.

Chinese diving pigs

Some pig farms in China have instituted aquatic pigs by teaching them to dive off platforms. The diving shows mainly serve as a tourist attraction, but the exercise also helps make the pigs healthier, leaner and tastier.

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