Pittsburgh: Excessive-force lawsuits settled with police

Since 2010, the city has paid $4.9 million in civil rights-related police lawsuits. On Tuesday, two separate cases regarding the use of excessive force were settled.

Pittsburgh: Uber poaches 40 Carnegie Mellon University employees

The ride-sharing startup attracted six principal investigators and 34 engineers to a new Pittsburgh-based tech center, and now CMU’s National Robotics and Engineering Center is down to about half its former strength.

Pittsburgh: Ride-sharing companies allowed at airport

A new policy by the Allegheny County Airport Authority will offer three-year permits to ride-sharing companies for a security deposit and annual fee. Uber was the first to sign up. Previously, drivers were ticketed for not having authority to solicit passengers at the airport.

Harrisburg: Gov. Wolf’s tax plan shut down unanimously

Gov. Wolf’s plan would raise sales and income taxes but cut property taxes and increase education funding. When the bill went to the House Monday, it was rejected 193-0. The overwhelming rejection was considered a “stunt” and “gamesmanship” by supporters of the plan.

Philadelphia: UPenn’s suicide rate five times higher than college average

On Monday, the University of Pennsylvania’s seventh suicide victim in two years was found. Three of the victims were members of the track team. As a result, UPenn has been criticized for valuing achievement over well-being.

York County: Woman allegedly stole $650,000 worth of photographs

Steve McCurry is the photographer behind the iconic 1984 National Geographic cover, “The Afghan Girl,” and one of his employees, Bree DeStephano, used her position to steal rare prints from his studio. She was arrested and arraigned Tuesday.


USA Freedom Act passes Senate

The bill ends the NSA’s bulk collection of telephone data and implements an alternative transitional system that keeps the data in private hands until it’s needed. Access to the information can be obtained by court order. President Obama has indicated he will sign it.

Man shot in Boston linked to Islamic extremists

Usaama Rahim was under 24-hour surveillance by police and federal agents. He was confronted by FBI agents on Tuesday morning, when he was shot and killed for pulling a large military knife.

FIFA president to resign

Although recently re-elected for a fifth term, Sepp Blatter announced his resignation Tuesday because he’s been connected to the federal corruption investigation.


Google smartclothes

At Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, they introduced Project Jacquard and a partnership with Levi Strauss. They want to make conductive fabrics that can transmit data to phones and computers, and make it possible to send texts by swiping a jacket cuff.

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