Pittsburgh: Some same-sex couples can’t quite believe it

In some cases, they’ve waited for more than 30 years. Now that same-sex marriage is available everywhere, couples in the Commonwealth wonder what else will change about their lives.

Allegheny County: Continuing to work on infant mortality

The black infant mortality rate in the county is high — 13.7 deaths per 1,000 black babies born, according to a five-year study. Pre-term births, poverty, smoking and obesity are contributing factors. Visiting nurses may help.

Allentown: A 20-year-old murder, still no motive

Christopher Bissey is serving two consecutive life terms with no chance of parole for murdering two young women in the Lehigh Lookout murders two decades ago. But the families of Jennifer Grider, 17, and Mary Orlando, 15, remain haunted by the fact that Bissey never revealed his motive.

Harrisburg: ‘Kabuki theater?’

Two Republican plans, one for the budget and one for state liquor privatization, advanced in the state senate. If they go further on Tuesday, they are likely to be vetoed by Gov. Wolf.

Pittsburgh: Can you say rainy and cool?

Yes. It was a rainy and unseasonably cool weekend in Pittsburgh. Next week, it will warm up and more rain is in the forecast. Sunshine? Well, not soon.


The week everything changed for Obama

Many columnists were still talking about the President’s week and how the Supreme Court’s decisions on healthcare and gay marriage and Obama’s preaching, singing eulogy in South Carolina seemed to be transformative for him.

No longer on the lam

David Sweat, a convicted murderer who escaped from a New York correctional facility, was seriously wounded and taken into custody after 23 days on the run. The other escapee, Richard Matt, was killed by law enforcement on Friday.

What’s next for gays couples to tackle?

Some gay pride marches across the country were more jubilant than usual. Yet others in the ga community wondered where the next battle will be fought. There are still protections needed regarding employment and housing bias, especially in the middle of the country.


‘Space is hard’

That was the tweet from one of the International Space Station’s astronauts after he watched the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explode and spew debris into the atmosphere. It was carrying food and a water filtration system to the three astronauts living on the station.

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