Pittsburgh: Coyotes in the backyard

Pittsburgh: Coyotes in the backyard

They’re everywhere, including suburbs and cities. In fact, coyotes are close to maximum population density in southwest Pennsylvania, but they aren’t a problem if they’re not seen. And they often aren’t.

Allegheny County: Port Authority expands service

The Port Authority of Allegheny County approved a $398 million operating budget. Fares will not increase and four new routes will be added.

Philadelphia: Crackdown on sex trafficking

A sting operation led to the arrests of five men in the King of Prussia area. Local authorities placed online advertisements that attracted customers willing to pay money for sex.

Philadelphia: The season’s not over, but Phillies manager is out

Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg resigned Friday in the middle of his third season.

Harrisburg: Child protection provisions greenlighted by committee

Lawmakers seek to change a law regarding people who work with children. The new provisions will change the frequency of background checks from every three years to five years. The revised bill will go to the Senate early next week.

Statewide: Identity theft protection

Pennsylvania has the second highest volume of identity theft in the country, with about 172,000 cases last year. A new bill being pushed by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) would phase out much of Social Security number use in the medical system as a preventative measure.


Same-sex marriage legalized in all 50 states

Same-sex marriage legalized in all 50 states

The Supreme Court voted on Friday that states must recognize marriage unions of all kinds, with a vote of 5-4.

President Obama delivers reverend’s eulogy

On Friday, about 6,000 people attended the funeral for Clementa Pinckney, a state senator and pastor, slain at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Nine killed in Alaska plane crash

A small plane crashed near Ketchikan, Alaska, with eight cruise-ship tourists and a pilot onboard. As of Friday afternoon, it’s unknown what caused the crash.


More than 60 dead in terror strikes

More than 60 dead in terror strikes

On Friday, France, Tunisia and Kuwait suffered various losses as Islamic State sympathizers carried out disparate, gruesome attacks — at a U.S.-owned factory, a beach resort and a Shiite mosque. Air Products and Chemicals Inc. in Allentown, Pa., owned the factory in France.


PNC Park hot dog tied for third best in MLB

PNC Park hot dog tied for third best in MLB

One hot dog superfan took a pilgrimage to all of the Major League Baseball stadiums in the U.S. (there are 30 of them). He tried each stadium’s regular dog, and PNC Park ranked pretty well, tying for third with the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field.

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