Pittsburgh: FBI investigating possible hate crime

Pittsburgh: FBI investigating possible hate crime

Five men have been charged with beating a man and breaking several bones in his face at the downtown T station, but now the federal authorities will determine whether the attack constitutes a hate crime.

Lycoming County: DEP fines Range Resources $8.9 million

Range Resources has been ordered to pay a fine for failing to fix one of its Marcellus shale gas wells. The DEP says the well has contaminated groundwater and private wells in the area, and the company failed to submit satisfactory plans to correct the problem.

Philadelphia: Ongoing grudge against Uber

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has conducted numerous sting operations against the ride-sharing company and has impounded 42 of its vehicles. Uber has appeared in Philadelphia courts 14 times; each time, the judge has ruled against Uber.

Bethlehem Township: A $350,000 budget for new bathrooms

At a meeting on Monday, the Board of Commissioners authorized a grant application they’d put toward building new bathrooms at an athletic complex. The decision angered residents who have floodwater in their homes and who believe the money should be spent on fixing the water problems.

Statewide: Schools will raise taxes next year

According to a survey conducted last month, 70 percent of Pennsylvania schools that responded will need to raise their taxes next year due to insufficient state funding. Additionally, some schools will cut staff, offer furloughs, freeze hiring and reduce extracurricular programs to save money.


St. Louis Cardinals and MLB subpoenaed

St. Louis Cardinals and MLB subpoenaed

The FBI and Justice Department are investigating the Cardinals on allegations that officials hacked the Houston Astros system and stole player personnel data. Trades, proprietary statistics and scouting reports were compromised. Major League Baseball is cooperating with the investigation.

Donald Trump all fired up

On Tuesday, Donald Trump finally announced his candidacy for president after teasing it for years. He revealed his campaign from his Trump Tower office in New York City, and now brings the GOP field to 12.

Rain-stricken Texas deals with Tropical Storm Bill

In the next two to three days, Texas will see between six and 10 inches of rain. In a part of the state that annually sees 40 inches of rain a year, Gainesville took on 34 inches in the past 60 days. With reservoirs already full, the incoming rain has nowhere to go.

Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup… again

It’s their third in six years. Due to inclement weather, the cup actually arrived late to the arena.


Festival of foam

Festival of foam

When a drunken Marine inadvertently set off the fire suppression system near a military aircraft, he unleashed a deluge of snowy foam across the hangar, and he’s not alone. The Naval Research Laboratory reports incidents of false fire activation in all branches of the military.

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