Pittsburgh: Plum High School case intensifies

The former school board director, who resigned Friday, claims to have approached the superintendent about allegations of sexual relations between teachers and students in 2012 and 2014, yet the Plum police were never informed until January 2015.

Pittsburgh: Former head of Westinghouse and Pirates dies at 92

Douglas Danforth headed two of Pittsburgh’s biggest names in the 1980s. After a brief illness, Danforth died on Tuesday morning.

Philadelphia: Amtrak derailment investigation details

The National Transportation Safety Board analyzed the engineer’s cellphone records to see if he had been using it before the train derailed and killed eight people, but after scouring the data, the investigators reported he didn’t access his phone on the train.

Philadelphia: Uber driver shafted for lewdness

Uber doesn’t require the same background checks that professional taxi companies do. On Memorial Day, an Uber driver is accused of locking a passenger in his car and harassing her. He has since been fired and will appear in court later this month.

Harrisburg: $223 million in impact fees

Communities throughout the state will be the recipients of shale gas drilling impact fees. The gas companies paid $223.5 million to various state agencies, and the communities that have drilling pads in them will receive a cut of the revenue.

Statewide: Keystone graduation exams pose difficulty

In 2017, students in the state will be required to pass standardized Keystone exams in algebra, literature and biology to graduate high school. That could pose a problem for schools in 40 counties.


Texas officer resigns

Eric Casebolt, the officer who slammed a teenage girl to the pavement, officially resigned on Tuesday and his attorney issued a statement on his behalf. Casebolt has been on administrative leave since the incident. The McKinney police chief called his actions “indefensible.”

Search for New York prisoners continues

State police are searching house by house in Dannemora near the Clinton Correctional Facility. Wednesday was the fifth day of the search without any sign of the escaped convicts.

Challenge to EPA denied

The EPA proposed a rule that would freeze the construction of power plants and slow the demand for coal production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The proposal faced a lawsuit from coal companies and coal-producing states, but the case was dismissed.

Internet from space

Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket company has big ambitions: They want to launch 4,000 Internet-beaming satellites into space, effectively providing high-speed signals to the entire globe.


Camping high in the Rockies

Colorado has opened its very first marijuana-friendly campground, where you can do everything you’d normally do at camp, like hike and fish, but it’d be legal to be under the influence.

Dog gets a new lease on life

Quasimodo is a 3-year-old dog who has never been able to walk or run because his front legs are severely bowed. He can now walk after carpal fusion surgery and is getting a plane ride home paid for by donations and the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team.

The daily report was compiled by Stephanie Roman, a PublicSource intern. You can reach her with questions or suggestions at

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