Pittsburgh: Scholarship program readjusts

The Pittsburgh Promise, which provides tuition money to students with excellent academic and attendance records, recently reduced its maximum support from $40,000 to $30,000. Instead of running out of money by the Class of 2022, the changes will keep the program running until 2028, while they continue efforts to raise more funds.

Pittsburgh: Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood violence

The North Side community has experienced three shootings in eight days. One man was killed and three other men left with critical gunshot wounds. A woman has been charged with the attempted homicide of two of the men. A pair of teenagers have been arrested on gun charges in the neighborhood, but they have not been connected to the shootings.

Erie: Teen shooting deaths

A drive-by shooting on Friday night left two Erie teenagers dead and five injured. The first death occurred immediately, and the second boy died Saturday evening. Police are investigating.

Hanover: Long-term effects of chemical plant fire

The fire last month at the Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Plant contaminated a nearby creek, resulting in thousands of fish dying off and the Conewago Creek being closed to all recreation. State officials are studying the effects and are expected to issue a report in about 30 days.

Northeastern Pennsylvania: Pipeline problems

Landowners fear their properties will be ruined by the planned pipeline expansion, which is part of the $2.59 billion Atlantic Sunrise project.

Statewide: Gambling payouts better than last year

Slot machine players in Pennsylvania had better luck in the past year, and the casinos also increased their winnings to $2.34 billion.

Statewide: Potential Verizon strike

Verizon workers in Pennsylvania and eight other states and Washington, D.C., have voted to go on strike if they can’t come to terms with the company. The contract tiff centers on pensions and health care.


GOP tensions

Factions of the Republican Party are clashing over if and how to take advantage of its Senate majority to repeal the Affordable Care Act and further increase sanctions against Iran.

Obama focuses on social justice issues in Kenya

He challenged Kenyan officials on gay rights, called for an end to violence against women and attempted to inspire the country’s youth by emphasizing that he is the first Kenyan-American to be president of the U.S.

Justice Department descends on small Maryland city

Justice officials are investigating the termination of a black police chief in Pocomoke City. He was fired after refusing to fire two black officers who made allegations of racism within the department. The inquiry has expanded to include irregularities in a city council election and the use of a federal police grant.

The role of campus police

After a recent deadly shooting in Cincinnati by a university police officer, colleges and universities are evaluating the powers of their campus police departments.


Air conditioning … ‘another big, sexist plot?’

This informal inquiry on how office temperatures affect men and women differently was done in Washington, D.C. but can apply to any office building. See if your male and female colleagues want control over the thermostat.

The daily report was compiled by Halle Stockton, a PublicSource reporter. You can reach her with questions or suggestions at


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