Pittsburgh: Homicide detective charged with theft

Today, Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey A. Manning is scheduled to announce a verdict for Detective Michael Reddy on a charge that he stole a bank envelope carrying $220 at a local 7-Eleven in 2014.

Pittsburgh: Bubble vandals strike again

A fountain in Mt. Lebanon was overflowing with the harmless suds on Tuesday morning. This is the second bubble “attack” since July 9.

Pittsburgh: Shot while knitting

A 71-year-old woman in the North Side was shot in her left leg while she was knitting in her home on Monday night. Authorities are investigating.

Norristown: AG Kane’s driver pleads not guilty

Patrick Reese, who is accused of looking through emails in state computers, did not comment after he left court on Tuesday. Meanwhile, retired activist Gene Stilp is devising a plan to get Kane out of office.

Harrisburg: Ex-Penn State administrators appeal charges

The lawyers of three administrators accused of trying to mask the 2011 Sandusky child sex abuse scandal went to court on Tuesday, claiming the men’s rights to legal representation were violated. The suspects are out on bail, and none of them attended the hearing.

Erie County: Study reveals spike in drug-related deaths

Forty-three drug-related deaths have been reported in the county. Heroin was involved in 18 of the deaths, and many other cases are still under investigation.


Ferguson unrest continues

On Tuesday morning, five white men calling themselves the Oath Keepers arrived in Ferguson. Members of the right-wing group were carrying assault weapons and claimed they were trying to keep the peace. Demonstrations on Monday prompted police to arrest 23 people.

Trump is “the most fabulous whiner”

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said, “I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win,” in an interview on Tuesday morning. He also said that despite rumors, he’s not considering running as a third-party candidate.

Manager replaces black employee for the sake of customer service

In Danville, Va., a manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement asked Marcus Bradley to return to the store because the customer that he was serving had asked that the company not send a black man to the home. Bradley, who is black, was then replaced by his white co-worker Alex Brooks. Brooks refused to make the delivery without Bradley.

Google introduces Alphabet

In order to more effectively manage the business, the tech mammoth Google created a parent company on Tuesday. It’s called Alphabet Inc., and the new CEO will be Google executive Sundar Pichai.


“The universe is slowly dying”

During a conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, a team of astronomers claimed that the universe has about half of the energy now than it did two billion years ago. Their study concludes that the universe is dying.

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