Pittsburgh: Trib Total Media to sell

The North Side conglomerate and owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is selling nine of its 77 publications as part of a larger strategic growth plan. Trib Total Media is also offering buyout packages to more than 400 longtime employees at other company papers.

Harrisburg: Supreme Court action against Kathleen Kane

Although the contents aren’t known, the board that disciplines lawyers has sent an action against Attorney General Kathleen Kane to the state Supreme Court on Friday, and she has 10 days to respond.

Statewide: Climate change predictions

A new report by Penn State researchers shows that PA is going to experience some dramatic temperature increases by 2050, with a jump of more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit since the start of the century. Not only will it get hotter, but wetter too; precipitation will increase by 8 percent annually.

Statewide: Voter registration hits 21st century

As of Thursday, Pennsylvanians are now able to register to vote online. Pennsylvania is the 23rd state to make the option available.

Statewide: School busses must service divorced parents’ homes

The PA Supreme Court ruled that school districts are legally obligated to provide bus service to both homes of children whose parents are divorced. The parents must have shared custody and live in the same district for the rules to apply.


Verdict reached in prep school rape case

Owen Labrie was found guilty of four misdemeanor sexual assault charges and a felony of using a computer to lure a minor for sex, but was acquitted of felony rape charges. Labrie will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He faces up to 11 years in prison and will be sentenced Oct. 29.

Florida declares state of emergency

As of Friday afternoon, Tropical Storm Erika killed at least 12 people, and 20 more are missing in Dominica. Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency as Erika continues heading north towards the state.

Campaign fundraising

The Campaign Finance Institute released data on how each candidate is raising his or her money, and NPR went and made it into an infographic. Jeb Bush has raised the most thanks to multiple millionaires, while other candidates rely on self-funding, small donations or super PACs.


European migrant crisis

Authorities in Austria and Hungary disclosed that 71 bodies, four of them children, were uncovered in the abandoned refrigeration truck on Thursday. On Friday, 150 migrant drownings were reported in the Mediterranean. At least four people have been arrested in connection to the truck.


Passing an 8th grade math test

Only 22 percent of New York 8th graders passed their Common Core math test. Can you solve these five problems (without cheating)?

Better than a lawn flamingo

This Texas couple is making headlines with their unique brand of lawn ornamentation: Large metal dinosaur sculptures. However, they live in a planned neighborhood, so the Homeowner’s Association may remove the statues.

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