Harrisburg: Significant spending by lobbyists

Lobbyists have spent $791 million between 2007 and 2015. Spending by interest groups related to health care and Marcellus shale lead the pack. Pennsylvania recently got a ‘C’ grade for its disclosure laws for lobbyists.

Allegheny County: Audit finds shortfall

Hertz, a rental car agency at the Pittsburgh International Airport, has been told by Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner that it owes $1.8 million to the county.

Pittsburgh: Update from the police chief

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay says data collection, community policing and diversity initiatives have put the department back on track.

Erie County: Budget stalemate affecting college students’ financial aid

Edinboro University has announced it will provide advance money to students who rely on financial aid from the Pennsylvania Higher Educational Assistance Agency until the state finalizes a budget.

Schuylkill County: Construction uncovers mass grave

Construction on Route 61 was interrupted when a worker found bones. After further investigation, it was determined the bones were human remains from the 1918 Spanish influenza and that there were likely many more bodies.


AT&T tops out Verizon in at least one metric: helping the NSA spy

In newly disclosed files from the National Security Agency, details of a “highly collaborative” partnership with AT&T have been released. The wireless carrier and Internet provider has given the agency access to billions of emails.

Church open-door policy questioned

After the Charleston, S.C., church shooting, some churches with predominantly black members are contemplating the balance between security, faith and their place in the community as a welcoming refuge.

Civil rights activist dies

Julian Bond, a former NAACP chairman and co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, died Saturday at the age of 75.


Sesame Street on HBO

Sesame Street has more nudity than any of HBO’s other shows and one of its main characters lives in a trash can. It’s just as intense as Game of Thrones, right?

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