People often ask if PublicSource has a particular interest in Marcellus Shale. After all, we run a lot of stories about it from our regional partners and shared sources. The answer is that it’s a local story, a state story and a national story that’s important to our economy, our energy policy, our environment. So it’s important to pay attention.

It’s been a busy time for consumers of news about Marcellus Shale. President Obama talked about it in his State-of-the-Union speech, saying natural gas could fuel America for 100 years. The federal government downgraded the amount of recoverable fuel in the Marcellus Shale formation. Consol Energy, Chesapeake Energy and EQT Corp., among other companies, said the low price of natural gas meant they would cut back on the number of wells they’re drilling in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh’s WQED did an hour-long broadcast about the shale industry in the state. National Public Radio’s ‘On Point’ spent an hour talking about various forms of energy, including natural gas, with host Tom Ashbrook asking: “Are we blundering into energy independence?”

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