(Photo by Daan Stevens/Unpslash)
(Photo by Daan Stevens/Unpslash)

We all have stories about how broken our healthcare system is. Huge bills, unnecessary procedures, long wait times, a life changed for the worse.

As journalists, we are interested in accountability, improving quality of life and showing models that work.

We cannot do it without our community. So please help us build a project that tells important health stories from the Pittsburgh region and helps improve health care for all.

Are you a patient and have a story to share? Tell us what would you like to change based on personal experience.

Are you a primary care physician and have stories on how you keep your patients (or loved ones) out of the hospital? Tell us what works.

Do you have specific examples, stories on overuse, underuse, and misuse of resources in the health system and the effect it has on people from your community? Or maybe you have healthcare questions that our stories can address? We want to hear them.

By filling out the form below, you are sharing your story with the PublicSource newsroom. We will not share your name and contact information with anybody outside our newsroom without your permission.

We know that for some of you sharing your story may be difficult. Thank you for coming forward and telling us what happened.