Pittsburgh: Airport loses another non-stop flight

Delta Air Lines will lose its non-stop flight to Cincinnati on Oct. 1. It currently flies into Pittsburgh six times a week. Allyson Walls, the spokeswoman for the Allegheny County Airport Authority, said there weren’t enough pilots to continue the flight.

Pittsburgh: Peduto proposes major budget increase for 2016

Mayor Bill Peduto proposed a $517.5 million operating budget, which will not include a real estate tax increase. Peduto plans to set aside $70.2 million for capital spending projects such as street paving, building reconstruction, community development projects and the demolition of neglected buildings.

Pittsburgh: Developers for former Civic Arena site set to hear from community

The Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) will lead a workshop Monday to hear from the stakeholders and residents of the Hill District about the proposed development of the former Civic Arena site. BIG was hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins and McCormack Baron Salazar to lead the design of 1,100 new units of residential housing.

Philadelphia: Medics ready for Pope’s visit

A tent will be set up this weekend for medical staff to assist anyone with problems during the events surrounding Pope Francis’ visit. The city has planned carefully around the type of crowd, acknowledging that many visitors will have previous medical issues and come to seek healing from the pope.   

Harrisburg: Kane’s suspension enforced Oct. 21

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s law license was suspended Monday, but she can continue to practice law until Oct. 21. The Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement states that a 30-day notice is required before the suspension can take effect.    


The Pope arrives

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both welcomed Pope Francis to Washington for the leader’s first visit to the U.S. Pope Francis will be here for the next five days, traveling from Washington to New York before ending his trip in Philadelphia.

Labor and capital inequality by gender

The typical male worker hasn’t had a raise since the early 1970s. Male earnings plateaued despite gains in the economy because of the inequality between workers and owners as well as increasing between workers themselves. It just hasn’t been noticeable in households because women have been covering for men in the labor force.

Clinton against Keystone pipeline

At a town hall meeting in Iowa, Hillary Clinton came out against the proposed 1,200 mile Keystone XL pipeline that would connect Alberta, Canada, with Nebraska. The project is under review by the State Department, and Clinton believes it to be a distraction from “important work … on climate change.”


Text reminders help with heart disease

In a random clinical trial, 700 participants with coronary heart disease were split into groups that received semi-personalized text messages about healthy topics (like “Have you taken your walk today?” or “It’s important to take your medications at the same time every day”). Those who received the texts reduced their blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index.

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