Pittsburgh: City Council endorses a non-discrimination policy

Councilman Dan Gilman asked city authorities to approve a non-discrimination policy regarding equal rights protections for any sexual preference and gender identity case. The City Council endorsed the policy unanimously. Pennsylvania is currently the only state in the Northeast, he said, that does not provide the protections.

Pittsburgh: Job market declines, but unemployment rate stays steady

Employers cut more than 7,500 jobs in July, according to the Department of Labor and Industry, with most of those coming from the service sector. While that industry declined, contractors and financial services added employees to the payroll, helping to keep the unemployment rate at 5.2 percent.  

Pittsburgh:West Nile Virus found in local mosquitos

Communities such as Bloomfield, Polish Hill, Lawrenceville and Stanton Heights discovered more mosquitoes that tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The Allegheny County Health Department is spraying affected neighborhoods with Zenivex, which officials say is not harmful to pets or people.

Harrisburg: State trooper’s school resource program sidelined

For the second consecutive year, state troopers are not patrolling school hallways full-time because of the demands on the streets. With the program launch in 2006, schools in eight districts were supervised by troopers during school hours.

Statewide: Former LCB official expected to plead guilty for taking kickbacks

The former head of marketing for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, James H. Short Jr.,  will plead guilty to fraud, including taking cash, meals, expensive wines and sports tickets in return for his recommendation for certain liquor products at LCB stores. Short, although no longer employed, was ordered to repay thousands of dollars.  


Pope announces forgiveness for abortions

Weeks before his visit to the United States, Pope Francis announced on Tuesday that priests have the authority to forgive women who have had abortions in the church’s approaching  “Year of Mercy.” Some priests already have this power, but Francis now grants all priest this ability.

Gay couples ask judge to hold county clerk in contempt

The Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs. Davis continued to ignore the Court’s decision on gay marriage on Tuesday, when she denied a gay couple a license. The couple asked a federal judge to hold her in contempt.

Murder rates spike in more than 30 U.S cities

Law enforcement officials say drugs, gangs and the easy availability of guns may all be part of the climb in the nation’s murder rates. The jump follows years of declines in the murder rates. Some law enforcement officials believe that national scrutiny of police actions have made officers less aggressive.

Solitary confinement rules set to change for California

Following a legal settlement, the status of more than 3,000 inmates will be reviewed because of a change in the state’s solitary confinement guidelines. Part of this order will apply to prisoners previously placed in solitary because of gang affiliations. Read more in our daily news post.  


ISIS destroys ancient temple

The 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria, no longer stands after an explosion that is part of the attempt by ISIS to destroy historic and religious artifacts.


Start of school may bring ‘selfie lice’

Students are returning to the classroom, but parents are concerned about  “selfie lice” after a Wisconsin pediatrician acknowledged a rise in lice cases in teens.  

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