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Selves #1 – Exploring our ‘Selves’ in a potentially post-Roe world
Selves #2 – 80+ 911 calls a day on domestic violence in Allegheny County
Selves #3 – It’s OK to not be OK
Selves #4 – The menstrual movement — a local youth perspective
Selves #5 – Affirming a Black child’s gender identity
Selves #6 – Psychiatrist shares how he aided safe abortions in 1960s Pittsburgh
Selves #7 – A Roe decision could come any day
Selves breaking news – Roe v. Wade struck down
Selves breaking news – Roe spurs protests in Pittsburgh
Selves #8 – Roe reactions; a pay equity quest; and a trans woman’s truth
Selves #9 – ‘America, I want to love you’
Selves #10 – Confronting discrimination in the workplace
Selves #11 – ‘And I would have never been born.’
Selves #12 – The power of vulnerability—⬇stigma, ⬆info
Selves #13 – Unpacking telehealth abortion access options in Western PA
Selves #14 – Youth perspectives on disability
Selves #15 – ‘Back alley’ abortions — past stories & a dangerous future
Selves #16 – How will Biden’s student debt relief affect you?
Selves #17 – The Ohio-PA abortion pipeline is fraught with barriers
Selves #18 – A Pittsburgh resident reflects on the harms of the purity movement
Selves #19 – A candid reflection from a trans Pittsburgh teen
Selves #20 – Pittsburgh romance novelists take on abortion advocacy
Selves #21 – SELVES investigative series about sexual violence on Pittsburgh-area college campuses
Selves #22 – Survivor stories from PGH college students
Selves #23 – Pitt students demand safety measures after sexual assault

Selves stories


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