Roe v. Wade was toppled on June 24 by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Activists immediately took to the Pittsburgh streets. Students mobilized, searching for ways to support their peers and speaking out about how the decision is likely to disproportionately impact marginalized people. Professors spoke out about concern for the future of other currently protected rights.

Abortions remain legal in Pennsylvania as of July 2022. Gov. Tom Wolf, a clear supporter of abortion rights, will leave office in early 2023. Should Pennsylvania elect a Republican governor in 2022, it’s possible the commonwealth would see more restrictive laws enacted.

Many are wondering what’s next and what this decision will mean for millions of Americans. What’s your reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision? Do you have a pregnancy or abortion-related story to share? We want to hear your story.

We want to hear from you about abortion rights and restrictions in PA.

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TyLisa C. Johnson is the audience engagement editor for PublicSource. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @tylisawrites.

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TyLisa C. Johnson

TyLisa C. Johnson is the Audience Engagement Editor at PublicSource. She’s passionate about telling compelling human stories that intersect with complex issues affecting marginalized groups. Before joining...