You know that the steel industry was born here. You know that we put fries on everything. But do you know Pittsburgh, for real? 

Whether a newcomer to the Steel City or a longtime resident, our home is bound to make you curious. Pittsburgh is bursting with history, intricacies and quirks. Our new 12-part email course is an effort to unpack the nuances of our city and be a resident guide for those wanting to learn more.

The course is a primer for all things Pittsburgh. We’re hoping to fascinate you. To help you make discoveries or connections. To help you learn something new and useful. If you join, you can be entered to win a giveaway. Ready to join yet? Want to learn more? Visit

Not ready to join the course yet?  Follow along with us anyway for insights and course updates. And let us know: What does it mean to you to be a Pittsburgher? Can you be a “true Pittsburgher” if you aren’t born here? What’s your weirdest Pittsburgh story? Tag us @PublicSourcePA on Twitter or @publicsource on Instagram using #LearnPittsburgh to share your story.

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