On Nov. 29, PublicSource hosted its first public event at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. With more than 60 people in attendance, the event featured the screening of ‘The Invisible War,’ a documentary film about sexual assault in the military. After the film, PublicSource Editor Sharon Walsh moderated a panel of guests from across the state. Panelists discussed reasons sexual assault is so pervasive within the military. They offered solutions that are available to service members struggling with the repercussions of sexual assault, noting that sexual violence is a deeply-rooted problem among military and civilian societies alike.

Special thanks to all of our panelists, including Jessica Kenyon of Benefiting Veterans; Ali Mailen Perrotto of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center; Dr. Katie McCorkle of Balanced Heart Healing Center; and Jacqueline Shellaby of Veterans Place.

Photos by A. Jason Coleman and Alexandra Kanik

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Em DeMarco was a reporter for PublicSource between 2012 and 2014.